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    Featured Product:

    Pro2000 Ice Melter

    This ice melter is environmentally formulated for safer removal of snow and ice.

    Anti-Corrosion Formula

    It contains CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate), an environmentally benign deicer. Where metal corrosion is a concern, PRO 2000’s special formula creates a bond between the surface area and the elements to protect.

    Fast Acting

    PRO•2000® combines the most effective deicing ingredients; creating the desired reaction to initiate deicing and meltdown. PRO•2000® when pre-applied prevents snow and ice from bonding to the surface area. As PRO•2000® goes to work, its time-released formula stays on the surface area longer, helping to control the freeze/thaw cycle.

    Health and Safety

    PRO•2000® is safe to handle without protective clothing. It does not dry out or irritate the skin.*Non-TrackingWhen properly dispensed, PRO•2000® minimizes tracking on floors and carpets.

    Safer Ice Melter

    PRO•2000® goes after the ice and snow; clearing the way to safety. This specially formulated product contains “Dolomite” for added traction control; further enhancing performance.

    Environmentally Formulated

    Nature’s own ingredients combine for just the right formula. Unlike some deicers, PRO•2000® works to preserve “vegetation and plant life” when used as directed. With PRO•2000®, there is no slimy residue being tracked in, making clean up virtually non-existent.

    Available in 50lb bags.